Warmframe™ technology brings together a group of quality construction products and solutions to create a sophisticated building system for your next custom home or housing project.

Fabricated offsite to reduce build costs and time, the use of Warmframe™ technology provides desirable homes – well insulated, energy efficient and durable.

What goes into Warmframe™ technology?


Axxis® Steel for Framing

Galvanised, high tensile steel framing made in New Zealand and designed for our environment. Delivering a perfectly straight finish, it’s backed by a 50 year durability statement to stand the test of time.


A healthy and sustainable option made from recycled polyester. The Insulpro system provides an insulation rating significantly higher than what’s required by the Building Code.

Fletcher Aluminium

Thermally broken double-glazed windows and doors ensures all joinery maintains the energy efficiency of the overall wall insulation. They are installed into the wall system before arriving onsite.

Resene Paints

Leaders in paint technology and innovation, Resene’s contemporary colour range will protect and enhance Warmframe™ technology.